Running Matters

Overview : How to Start Running (courtesy:Runners world)

  • Start with run/walks.  Start to jog gently! Set as your goal 30 minutes of combined jogging and walking.
  • Beware of the terrible too’s. Your main goal is to get fit without getting hurt. RUNNING FAST doesn’t matter!
  • Let the body be the boss. Some muscle aches and soreness – especially in the quadriceps and calves  – are to be expected any time you are pushing your body farther or faster than it’s accustomed to going.  But there are some pains that you shouldn’t ignore. Any sharp pains or pains that persist or worsen as you walk, run, or go about your daily activities are signals to rest for at least three days. Also, beware of any pains that are on one side of the body, but not the other.
  • Shoes. Any sports shoes will do, but if you want to build endurance, strength and good PR (pace run) it is advised to use running shoes for your training.
  • Right pacing.  When you run it is recommended to pace against the vehicle if you are hitting a  public road  .
  • Train your brain. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to believe that the whole idea of an exercise high is not a myth. But, it can be hard to get out the door at first. And relying on willpower alone just won’t work.
  • Make a plan.
  1. Listen to certain music, pick the most convenient time to work out and pick some rewards that will motivate you to just get up and go.
  2. Write out a plan and write it where you can see it, like the bathroom mirror. If the best time to run is the morning, make sure you’ve got an energizing music mix to listen to, and a relaxing hot shower to look forward to after you’re done.
  3. Create a pre-run routine to cue your body and mind that it’s time to go, and repeat it every time you go.
  • Relax and run tall. You don’t have to worry too much about form at this point, but there are a few adjustments that can make the running feel more comfortable, says running coach, Janet Hamilton, M.A., C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist at Running Strong in Atlanta. Take short strides. Keep your elbows flexed at about 90 degrees, and keep your hands relaxed, as if you were holding a piece of paper between your thumb and pointer finger. Envision yourself walking tall, looking straight ahead at the horizon; avoid looking down at your feet.
  • Take breaks before you need to. Once you’re running, you may feel comfortable enough to skip the walk breaks. But it’s important to take walk breaks before you feel like you need them. This will help fend off fatigue and prevent you from doing too much too soon. By taking walk breaks at the regular intervals that are scheduled for the day, you can ensure that you’ll finish each workout feeling strong.
  • Keep your calories in balance. Once you start running, it’s important to eat to stay energized while also keeping out the extras that make you feel sluggish and drag you down. At each meal, about half of your calories should come from healthy complex carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. About one quarter of your calories should come from heart-healthy unsaturated fats, like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. And the remainder of your calories should come from sources of lean protein, like soy, fish, lean poultry, eggs, and beans.
  • Be patient. Many of the positive changes that are happening when you start exercising won’t be visible in the mirror or on the scale. The weight loss will come if you’re consistent, but it takes time to condition your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, says Susan Paul, head coach of The Track Shack in Orlando. The body makes more capillaries (tiny blood vessels that transfer oxygen and waste products into and out of cells), more mitochondria, (the energy-producing structures in cells), and more enzymes that help the body use fat as fuel. Plus, every time your foot strikes the ground, it stimulates bone growth, so your bones get stronger and denser. “When you’re not patient, you risk doing too much too soon and getting injured,“ says Paul.
  • Get the plan. Our Start Running plan is a simple and effective way to begin running. Get your Start Running plan here.

Here’s more about the plan:

Length of plan: 7 weeks
Number of workouts a week: 4 days, with an optional fifth day
First workout: 20 minutes with run/walk ratio of 1:4
Goal workout: 60 minutes with run/walk ratio of 2:1
Room to maneuver: Want more of a challenge? Work out for the same amount of time, but build up to a run/walk ratio of 4 minutes running/2 minutes walking, then 6 minutes running/3 minutes walking.


I’m hoping this simple guides will help you boost your interest and love for running..





How to begin

How to begin?

  • First, put a pair of comfortable shoes, you can wear whatever sports shoes you have.
  • If you’ve never run before, focus your attention on TIME rather than distance or pace.
  • Start to JOG GENTLY!
  • Set as your GOAL 30 minutes of combined jogging and walking.

Steps for 30 minutes of combined jog and walk:

  1.  Walk 10 mins (NO RUNNING ALLOWED)
  2. For the next 15 mins you are free to run
  3. Finish the work out with 5 minutes of walking

You can have a 30/30 plan or 30/60 plan (every other day). The 30/30 plan is an everyday work out (meaning you have to run everyday, but you can have 1 day rest day every week.) The 30/60 plan is an every other day workout, this plan is use if you need more rest.

For the beginners:

RUNNING fast doesn’t matter.

You should be worrying about time, not distance or pace. If you try to increase either, you are more likely to get injured.

Better to go too SLOW in the beginning than too FAST.



My love for running started in December 2013 , my classmate invited me to join the event to run for a cause for the lung cancer patient it was entitled “Takbo Lung Fun Run” . I signed up for fun and charity but as it turned out, I signed up for a healthier lifestyle and Became my passion.

Later on,I found myself joining other running events in metro manila and nearest provinces. I was having a package of fun and reaping the benefits of running. I started at 5km running events then later on Aiming for 10km running events. Keeping a good PR at its best time is my Goal when I run. But as time goes by I want to spread my wings and dream to run for 1/2 marathon events (21km run).
Later on,I found myself registering for my 1st 21km run last year with RunRio rexona Run to your beat 2014.
I document my experiences and shared the photos in my Instagram account and FB account.
With my new passion I was able to inspire some colleagues to run and become health conscious.

My endurance has improved. My trainor (running buddy, my bro.) was right when he told me this is my NEW PASSION. Running changed my mindset to being a health and wellness advocate.
I have found my life’s passion and I Promise to keep on RUNNING!

Ps. I am planning to run for Full marathon (42 km ) this coming october for RUN UNITED PHILIPPINE marathon. My training actually start this month and I will make this a meaningful 1st Full marathon with a hashtag #ExceedYourSelf. ^_^

Need for inspiration


Every thing has its own ending.

The fact is that we don’t know where or when it will end.The choice is in our hands if we will take the easy or the hardest ending.

“History repeat it self ”  ika nga ng prof. ko sa Philippine history.While sitting on the corner of our house holding a file of  paper , calculator and a pen at my hands.I know that I am prepared to study my lessons in accounting.Unfortunately, nothing comes in to my mind.But  this can’t be! Tomorrow is midterm examination and I don’t want to fail. OMG!

Few minutes passed by and still don’t know how to start.I tried to motivate myself and from there, I’ve realize that I have to make the best. Suddenly, the phone rang, I’ve got a message from my friend (excited). The thoughts of him came into my mind.(I was distracted)

he’s one of a kind, a man with a good deed, he did some effort to make me feel happy when Im drowned,treats me even there is no occasion and he already confessed his feelings to me. I knew that he likes me, but I pretend for a rejection.YES!  I always rejected him.

Until one day,I found out that he’s dating a girl.It means,He give up. :(

(he’s been waiting for almost a year, but sadly he gave up)

This is  the first time i get jealous. YES! I AM!,, (chuckle) I laughed as I said to my self before, that I will never ever fall with him.
Im not doing this because I want to. I’m doing this because I have to.’Coz I think this is the easiest way to lessen the pain. The best thing that I can do to forget you.

Even though it hurts a lot.Even if it hard to stop. I have to let you go ‘Coz I know, It’s not working anymore.
(obviously i learned to like that guy, but it is now too late to realize that i like him the way he did)

I do not know if I can still recover with the bag of pain my heart has.It is hard to move on. It is hard to let go and hard to forget.

I cannot feel any excitement anymore.My body can still function but my mind and heart stopped. I can hear the ring of my phone, and  I starred to it and turn it off.

I closed my eyes.I open it again. I tell to myself that I must woke up and face the reality. 

The reality is he’s not mine.


well,, i think i have to do my homework and focus to my thesis.

By Choice or By Chance

Nothing is more valuable than your health — not your spouse,  not your friend, not even your family– because when you lose your health, everyone you respect or love suffers with you.

Are you maintaining your health By Chance or By Choice?

(hmmm  ^_^)


Today ,I’m thinking on how to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle that gives an excellent chance of avoiding chronic health conditions and leads to a healthier life.

Since childhood, I believe that fresh fruits and vegetables is the recommended  guidelines for healthy eating. My mom practiced us to eat veggies and it  play a big role in our food preparation.
This practice of diet are pretty boring.. 😦

I”m pretty sure you’ve heard that you’re supposed to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Continue reading “By Choice or By Chance”